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Fun & informative workshop in Darlington, join us and learn the insider tips & tricks to transform your furniture like a pro!

Furniture Painting Workshops
Friday 3rd September
Decorative Effects
Saturday 4th September
Furniture Painting for Beginners

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Studio Projects

Annabelle Interiors teaming vibrant shades with fresh foliage
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Furniture applied florals -

Dare to be Bold.

Time to Relax


Love the jewel colours for vibrant styling

Chic And Sophisticated


Cool sharp greys & whites, timeless in my opinion

Elegant and Modern

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Home Styling & Staging

Living Room

Elegant and Modern

Statement furniture to suit your decor, from rustic to stylish. Fabulous paint effects, detailing, and a little bit of wow. Client furniture painted in high quality durable furniture paint, forever transformed.

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Contemporary Dining Space

Chic And Sophisticated

In this upscale modern space, we created a welcoming stylish environment clean lines, grey/white/wood pallet. The wonderful mix of lines and curves is now layered into this space’s architecture and furnishings. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.

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Our Story

Here at Annabelle interiors, we have been transforming spaces and coming up with new ways to recreate your favourite spots. With roots firmly planted in renovating and recreating fabulous furniture, we love creating statement pieces, and transforming the faded into the fabulous.

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Your home or workplace is very personal, and so is the way we approach making it look and feel like it is your very own. Bored of the same old scheme? Chat with Carolanne about refreshing, restyling and bringing the love back to your space.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
Vincent van Gogh

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